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Quo Vadis Dance Company

Quo Vadis means "Where are you going?" and has proven to be one of the most
important questions, in conjunction with “Who are you?”. It is actually a question of
identity, implying a direction towards somewhere. It can be visualized as a vector,
showing the path towards progression, towards transformation and developing.
Knowing oneself is as important as knowing the way towards that discovery.

Direction is movement thus each kind of movement can consider as dance, potentially.
Quo Vadis declares continuous questioning and revision of targets and paths, the
principal direction always being outward, in an effort to reach one another in the same
way as the performing arts address the audience, the human being, thyself.

What takes place is actually a mental dialogue between the dancer and the spectator,
through which a question rises mutually... "so, where are you going?"

What do you see?
A tale on transformation...

SEQUENCES 2nd cyrcle
Second cyrcle of the research Phase A + Phase X...

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Quo Vadis Dance Company

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