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Quo Vadis Dance Company

Quo Vadis Dance Company was founded in July 2017 by choreographer Zafeiria Tsirakaki, in an initiative for a creative expression using the artform of dance. The primary motive of the company’s statement in the art scene, is the conception and presentation to the audience of pieces that will trigger feelings, excite one’s imagination and broaden the understanding and perception of visual stimuli.

We, in Quo Vadis, consider continuous practical and theoretical research on all forms of artistic expression, to be the main source from where our inspiration is drawn. The promotion of arts to a wider audience, the encouragement and facilitation of an unrestricted and autonomous expression of artists, as well as the coordination between artists of diverse fields and backgrounds, all comprise the driving force of our action.

Quo Vadis dance company is an independent group of new artists that creates through the inner need to offer a new, fresh and innovative perspective, to the wider conception of the performing art of dance, in order to produce dance performances and present them to both Greek and international audience. 

Constantly exploring new ways of promoting artistic collaboration, it creates opportunities for young, up-and-coming active artists, who have curious spirit and motivation that is constantly renovated. The main goal is to create a solid ground, so that, in the long run, it is a dance company capable of absorbing dancers by offering opportunities of professional rehabilitation in Greece and worldwide.  

Quo Vadis Dance Company

Quo Vadis is trying to combine artistic fields, to express philosophical reflections on stage, to enter and exit bright or foggy worlds for the sake of an inner motivation from the perspective of the universality of art.

"The aim is to create and communicate, high quality dance pieces and share worldwide the wonderful world of the art of dance." 

Quo Vadis Dance Company

With convenience, ethos, respect for the principles of this vision and the art itself, Quo Vadis is willing to create an active community of creativity, where the company's works will be able to reflect, motive and cultivate values that only through the performing arts a person can conquer, while giving the opportunity to new creators and dancers to collaborate with a professional dance company with an international approach.

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