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Performances / The Goodbyes (2018)

Every journey offers both a closer from something familiar, as well as, a new beginning for the unknown. Sometimes we have the chance to say goodbye, but others, we choose otherwise due to the fear of losing something we truly need in our lives.

What it is going on, during a Goodbye? Two people, once shared moments in life, now it's time to pack their memories in their mind baggage and walk away from each other. Is it just for a while? is it forever? Do they say "goodbye" , or it is a promise of a "we will meet again"?

This piece is a duet, dancing through the small moments of separating during their relationship. They meet, they flirt, they argue, they split, they try to force themselves to each other or to balance and move together in the same direction, they fall in love or they fall apart.

Quo Vadis Dance Company

In a second reading, this piece, tries to answer some philosophical questions about human perception and the ability to memorize the detailed moments of sharing experiences with other people. The audience is watching two people saying "goodbye" on stage. One of them is going away, and the other is staying behind. But each one of the two dancers has a totally different view of the moment. One remembers someone leaving, and the other remembers someone staying.

What thoughts they have in their mind at these particular moment? How the audience can participate in each character's perception? Do they feel the emotion and the energy of the two people separating from each other? What memories does this scene brings to their mind and how much do they connect with everyone in the room through these feelings?

In the end, are we all complete strangers, or somehow, still all connected?

Idea: Zafeiria Tsirakaki
Photographers: Antigoni Kourakou / Ipatia Kornarou /
Fotis Tsaloumas / Zoe Sotiropoulou / Giannis Poulimenos

Composition: Christos Santa Maria, Zafeiria Tsirakaki
Performing: Christos Santa Maria, Zafeiria Tsirakaki

The piece was created for the purpose of the participation in the 8th dance festival of Rouf Train Theater “The 12 railroad wagons”, that took place in May 2018. It was also presented as a work in progress in Utopia Laboratory Summer Platform (15’), in the 3rd contemporary dance platform in PK theater (30’) and in its full version (40’) in the 6th Handmade and Recycled Theater Festival, held by Fabrica art space in September 2018. It received the 3rd place award between 14 dance and acting groups.

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