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Urbe Viveret / Historical Sites


The inbetween area of the off center districts of the Municipality of Athens and the bustling shopping center, is dominated by a green location of approximately 80,000 square meters. From the slopes of the hill of Ardittos, to the right side of the "suffocated" Ilissos river, there are smooth paths, well hidden, among innumerable pines, cypresses, plane and eucalyptus trees.
Inside the large glade of this green lung, with an influenced style from the "west", stands the Zappion Megaron timeless and significant. Its unique Corinthian column details and architectural harmony, is an important example of neoclassical style as well as the first building constructed worldwide for purposes of the Olympic Games. In the main area of Zappeion’s gardens, the diverse places that are immersed in a dark veil at night, are bathed in the Athenian sunshine in the morning. One of the first choices for the walker of the center, full of childhood memories, cycling, street vendors and Sunday meetings.

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