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Urbe Viveret / Neighborhoods


A name, a story or rather, stories. What do we really know about the most famous and attractive Athenian neighborhood? The medieval name "Plaka" comes into conflict with the etymological myth, which wants the area to own its name from a famous plate, somewhere on Thespidos Street. But history has something different to share. In the language of the Arvanites, inhabitants who lived in the wider area, the word "Plake" means old, elder. Indeed, the neighborhood, once empty, has been inhabited almost continuously until nowadays.
From the first construction workers arriving in Athens from Anafi island to work in the remodeling of the city, to the artists, architects and small businesses who maintain with care and passion the style and beauty of the area. Thus, the old, uphill district combined at the foot of the Sacred Rock of the Acropolis, with its amazing diversity still rich in hidden treasures, balances between the classic and the contemporary, the rustic and the urban, the Western and the Eastern, the mortal and the eternal. In the "Neighborhood of Gods'' the roots of the big city smell of fresh soil and stone, while its countless alleys overflow with the smell of food, traces of colorful cats and cheerful memories from the pubs of the recent past.

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