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Urbe Viveret / Parks

Plato's Academy

In between myth and history. An indeterminate green area, like an oasis in a dryland, emerges. Akademia. About one kilometer away from the center of Athens, not so far from the crowd, unlike the etymological interpretation of the word "academy" (εκάς-δήμος), dominates a sacred aley, with an impressive history though mostly unexplored.
The water element, with its constant presence, gives movement, breath whilst enlivens the magical narrative of the Academy's gardens. A flurist place, full of tree shades, with a tranquil, almost mystical energy, connected with primordial, chthonic cults. The almost exotic Akademia, isolated from the public, offers an environment suitable and ideal for walks and long philosophical discussions. Thus, in 387 BC theories and ideas of the philosopher Plato about the Senses and the Mind found a special place of establishment and flourishing, in the School of Philosophy that he founded.
The Academy of today exhales its diverse and mythical destiny, carrying traces of the magic of the past. Its people, from archaeologists / researchers to daily walkers, with their devotion and self-denial, carve the foundation stone of this sacred location every day. Creating the life of Plato's Academy.

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