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A multimedia dance project in the urban landscape of Athens. Creating art during a lockdown.
Bodies that were on the move daily, now remain inactive, in a state of maintenance. The need for movement and creation is curbed by individual responsibility to the community, with the self-consolation of patience and the temporary. The city empties and becomes a landscape that invites you to move through it.
As long as the chaos of everyday life silents, the big city beautifies, reveals color palettes, architectural inspirations and alternative "scenes" possible to be completed by the presence of the body. 

Quo Vadis - Urbe Viveret

Places that used to be paths of busy meetings, they now invite the eye and the mind to view them with a different perspective. That, of the artistic urban landscape.

is a vibrant city. But for a long time its inhabitants have stopped living it. Through technology, art can enter everyone's homes, connect, move and reflect on the moments that they themselves gave life to the urban spaces.

Quo Vadis
creates an original cultural multimedia material in order to positively activate the lively city within every spectator, being even for a while, a safe place during the uncertainty and agony of nowadays. Urbe Viveret is a multimedia dance project that will include 20 artistic dance videos filmed at famous urban locations in the city of Athens. Parts of those videos will compose a short dance movie that will be created after the completion of the video dance process. Every location is been explored by the team, capturing photos that exposes the way Athenians live their city. Original music tracks are been composed for every video as well as for the final short movie using electronic sounds and technology. The project is been completed by an international open call for the opportunity to join this amazing experience more people throughout the world and be able to share a limitless essence of the world.

“Looking for the imprint of -Imagine- by John Lennon, where he redefines the term "border", trying to find solutions for our art, to maintain our optimistic outlook on its creation and interaction. Because the body has to dance!”

The wandering in the neighborhoods of Athens has begun and below you can see the map that will gather all our locations-sites. Take a look and wander around the neighborhoods of Athens having access to all the material that will be created during this "exploration".

Urbe Viveret Team

ConceptZafeiria Tsirakaki 

PerformersZafeiria Tsirakaki, Orestis Alexiadis 

Musician - sound design with electronics: Vasilis Georgakopoulos

CinematographerDimitris Tektonidis

PhotographerOrestis Alexiadis

CuratorIoanna Antzaka

Project SupervisorsZafeiria Tsirakaki, Orestis Alexiadis, Vasilis Georgakopoulos

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