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Urbe Viveret / urban constructions

Urban Square

The square. The opening. A wide location, public, alive. The tightly structured space of the neighborhoods breaks down and a point of breath and meeting is born in it. The squares that by definition associate their name with social and public life, are now mutating and their role embraces the rapid pace of the modern city. Thus, small or large, bright and structured spaces, which used to be a special place of rest, meeting, recreation and creation, now surrendered to a "furious" urban culture, functioning in general as places of transition and meeting. Syntagma, Omonia, Korai, Klafthmonos, Kotzia, Karaiskaki…
Concerts, gatherings, festivals, exhibitions, cultural events. Traces of a past, not so distant, drowned in layers of concrete and colorful flower beds. There are some specific examples of squares, where the architectural structure merges with the human factor, in a way that reminds a scenery of a black and white romantic film. Among them, the colorful Avdi square in Metaxourgeio with the variety of table seats filled with urban lifestyle, the noisy Abyssinia square in Monastiraki with the crowded benches overflowing with gleaming antiques, lively dialogues and restored treasures as well as Koumoundourou square, known as the Liberty square, where the nearby residents make an everyday appointment for a friendly cricket match and the game starts again

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