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Zafeiria Tsirakaki

"it's never too late to follow your passion"

Zafeiria Tsirakaki was born in Athens and grew up in Sitia, a small town in East Crete. She studied Philosophy in University of Patras, Human and Social Education Department. She graduated with a research paper in the "Practical Philosophy and applications". She became acquainted with contemporary and classical dance, at the age of 21 through her studies in Dance Academy of Helen Balafouti and Dancarte of Tatiana Loverdou.

After receiving her degree in Philosophy, she decides to take the exams for the professional courses of National School of Dance (K.S.O.T.) and those of Ministry of Culture as well. After her admission in the preparative courses of K.S.O.T. she receives her professional degree from Rallou Manou School of Dancing.

Quo Vadis


Philosophy Bachelor Degree, in Human and Social Education Department of National University of Patras

Conservatoire Year of National School of Dance

Classes and Teachers:Ballet: Pierre Tavernier, Teresa Brown, Dimitra Laoudi Contemporary: Markella Manoliadi, Nikos Kalogerakis, Graham: Olia toranritou, Penny Diamantopoulou Rhythmic: Angeliki Simou

Graduate of Professional Dance Scholl Rallou-Manou

Classes and Teachers: Ballet: Cynthia Frida, Christiana Stefanou, Vassia Lionaki, Katerina Kassioumi, Fotis Diamantopoulos Contemporary: Polina Kremasta, Rania Fovou, Vicky Vlassi, Aliki Kazouri

Choreography / impro: Angeliki Stellatou, Stavroula Siamou Anatomy: Manolis Manolarakis Dance History: Medie Mega Graham: Avgi Karageorgiou Rhythmic: Natassa Avra 

Practice and Workshops

She has participated in the biggest dance festivals in Europe from Impuls Tanz Festival in Vienna to Kalamata’s Dance Festival. She has followed mentors and teachers in Berlin (marameo, lucky trimmer), in Brussels (Jete), Antwerp (Antwerp Conservatoire, Sidi Labri Cherkaoui), Prague (Zuna & Milan Kozanek), Bratislava (Les Slovaks). She has danced in “Kalamata’s Festival” (2014), “One small step” (Corfu 2016), “Zante Dance Festival” (Ζakynthos 2018), “Athens Video Dance Project” (2014, 2019). She was chosen to choreograph for The Compartments Dance Project in the railway cultural venue To treno sto Rouf: “The 12 compartments” and “Contemporary Dance” for three consecutive events, for the festival Rabittlab 0.2 and 0.3 (2018, 2019), while her work has been supported by the Ministry of Culture, Megaron the Athens Concert Hall, and Municipal Theatre of Piraeus.

insiration and guidance
Markella Manoliadi
Dimitris Kaminaris
Cynthia Fredas
Yannis Karounis
Cristina Mertzani
Polina Kremasta

Workshops / Research (indicative)
Intensive research DANCING QIGONG with Zuna Kozánková and Milan Kozanek at the Eagle Mountains of Chez Republic also in the Carpathian mountains of Slovakia.

One Small Step Fest. in Corfu: Collaboration as a performer for the "The unattainable summit" by Jos Baker

GAGA lab in Antwerp Conservatoire, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

GAGA lab in Μarameo dance studio in Berlin

Dance fest Akropoditi: Contact improvisation workshop with Constantinos Gerardos

Deap research meetings in Athens with Jurij Konjar (Steve Paxton approach)

Objects, Voice, Movements Workshop with Paolo Cingolani, Berlin (2021)

“A dancer stops to learn when is a dancer no more”

Zafeiria is an active artist who started seeking and establishing partnerships after concluding her studies. From 2012 she has participated in more than 60 different productions (choreographies, video dance, performances and installations).
movement educational dance program "Skytali" Since 2012 Zafeiria is basic member of the educational movement research program “Skytali”, through which she has collaborated with Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the cultural venue ‘Anna and Maria Kalouta and the Athens School of Fine Arts with which she collaborates since 2017.

Medie Mega-Maria Kolliopoulou-Katerina Skiada
Performer in the project DOMINO (2016) 

Chrysiis liatziviri
Performer in the work "F.O.S. fight our selves" (2012)

Christina Mertzani-Chrysanthi Badeka
Performer in the video dance "Uprooted" for the Athens Video Dance Project (2012)

Yiannis Karounis-Elissavet Pliakostathi-Chrysanthi Badeka
Performer / editor / director in the project Inner Movers, a multimedia platform for video dance site specific performances.(2015)

Natassa Avra
Performer in the work "Perfect World" (2015) ans "memory and intelligence tools" (2016)

Onassis foundation/ Willy dorner
Performer in the project “Bodies in Urban Spaces”(2016)

Stavros niarchos foundation/ Heidy Latsky
Performer in the project ON DISPLAY a collaboration with New York and UN for the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the law for the Americans with disabilities (2017)

Constantinos Rigos
Romeo and Juliet. For 40 shows(2016)

Helena Waldmann | "I Owe You"
Performer in the site specific performance (2017)

Bernardo Fallas
Performer in the site specific street performance (2017)

Judith Sánchez Ruíz | "Your Own God"
Performer in the site specific performance "Your Own God" (2020)

Αkram Κhan dance co. | "animal kingdom"
Direction and movement supervisor for the video "Animals Within" which was created for the call of the international dance company Akram Khan, in collaboration with Numeridanse, inspired by the latest company's work Outwitting the Devil (2020)

Teaching 2015-2022 
Zafeiria enjoys teaching ballet to adults, focusing on people that have no or limited experience in movement, since she has a unique way to approach classical dance. She introduces herself as a contemporary dance teacher that share her experience not only with beginners but also with advanced and professional dancers.

-Ballet will always be there for you, no matter what is happening to you or even the world. This is why I always choose ballet over small conflicts of life. Rather than wasting time in things that won't help me grow, I prefer invest my time in a ballet class and evolve more. I feel blessed I have the opportunity to have people who wish to be my students, therefor I can call myself a "Ballet Teacher"

She teaches contemporary dance technique, improvisation, contact improvisation, partnering, choreography principles, as well as play based dancing for children. She borrows elements from release (spirals, use of pulse, motion tools, use of floor, saving of energy, fall and recovery with movement enrichment from one situation to the other), martial arts (dynamic, speed, stamina, flexibility, flow, reflexes), acrobats (support, jumps, balances), neoclassical dance (coordination, body lines, turns, musicality, flexibility), in a combination that leaves space for expression, creativity and inclusion of personal range of styles and movements.

"I have the honor to meet dancers who will to share these moments of nowness, a contemporary class is creating, and leave our print of existence every time we dance in a class" .

Zafeiria’s main interest is focused on body motion as a language; a language that never lies. Based on this, she tries to explore the aspects that emerge from the true self of each dancer-performer, namely the elements that each body carries and the messages that it sends while moving. This exploration is free of any need for analysis. It is more a study of a whole, which is based on the fact, that the individuality of each body expression exists and reify every situation, through its unique truth, and not by following a pattern of specific body style. It is a quest of each body’s potential to create a complete material, free of any need for rendering of schemes and senses steered by the external image of others and to present a clear concept to the spectator.

At the same time she explores a more universal existence of performing art, where all elements (theatre, dance, music, visual arts, new technology etc) can be combined, in order for a wider aesthetic experience to be presented to the spectator.

Her exposure to philosophy has added a deep conceptual approach into her choreographic perspective.

"every body can dance"


"Between me"(2014 - 2015)


"SaGyne”(2016 - movement supervisor)

In year 2017 she establishes the dance company “Quo Vadis”

«3in the morning» (2017)

«Hop On!» (2017)

«The Goodbyes (2018 / revisit 2022)

«Adspectus» (2018-2019)

"Moirai" (2018)

"Talk to me" (2019)

“The Cre”(2019)

"Ntine Quara" (2020)

"the Show!" a real time creation (2020-2021)

"MANtELLE" 2020 (pending)

"Origami" 2020 video art / performance (pending)

"Urbe Viveret" 2021 (on pause)

"KAΘOΔON" 2021

Other Artistic Collaborations

- Photographers
She has collaborated with the photographers Antigone Kourakou, Alexandros Garefalakis (The Nudity of the Soul and Stefanos Veniamakis (2014-2020) and Costis Andoniadis (If Icons had a life to live) in photographic projects for Greek and international exhibitions.

- Poetry
published two poetry anthologies by Elikranon Publications

-Epsilon “about Love and Eros - 2016
-Labyrinthos - 2019 

*three anthologies are pending one of them in English and one of them is a children fairytale

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Contact Information

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