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Performances / Ntina Kara (2020)

Short Dance Series
A persona with a life expectancy as long as the quarantine period. a video dance series, created during the global lockdown of 2020 due to the Corona Virus Pandemic.
Constantina Karamanoli is a girl from the province who dreams of conquering the world. In 2019 she leaves her home to do it. Her goal is to share herself through art. To find people who will welcome and embrace her, give her solid ground and tools to evolve and be heard worldwide. She hopes that her influence will help and awaken her audience, to discover the deeper meaning of existence, to expand the horizons of their perception and to redefine priorities and values. In this research, she changes her name to Ntina Quara (artistic) and reintroduces herself. But the acceptance was not exactly what she expected. During this journey she comes along with closed doors, isolation, xenophobia, strong competition, utilization and humiliation of the art she loves so much.
A dystopia where the artist is treated as an animator, cheap worker and lazy. In trying to adjust, she finds herself trapped in vague thoughts and choices, violent outbursts and panic attacks. So she makes the big decision to go into self-restraint at home and not to leave unless she first makes sure she is able to manage her mentally and emotionally curve. An choice that, without knowing it, was the reason for time to pause….

A home made dance video by Zafeiria Tsirakaki

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