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Performances / The Cré 創造. (2019)

Another creation of Quo Vadis, this time for the participation in “Rabbitlab 3.0” festival, with the theme of the art of comics. Inspired by the history of comics as a form of art, as well as the creation of a comic hero. On one side, we observe the way in which the creator is inspired, brings to life and progresses the story his work.

How does the artist start by imagining his hero, how is the hero shaped as a character and how does his story unfold? On the other side, we follow at the same time the history of comics through the years. How and under which circumstances they started being published in the different corners of the world and how they came to be perceived as a major artform.

Choreographers: Stella Mavroidi, Danai Panou, Zafeiria Tsirakaki
Dancers: Stella Mavroidi, Danai Panou, Zafeiria Tsirakaki 
Performers: Marina Sasli, Orestis Alexiadis Music 
Composition: Vangelis Bouros

Stage assistant: Nick Kosmas
Photography: Filippos Alexiadis 
Graphic art: Filippos Alexiadis

   The history of comics through time unfolds on stage, from minimal humorous sketches on the covers of world-known newspapers and
    Japanese prints, to multi-page prestigious graphic novels. 

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