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Performances / “the Show!” a real time creation (2021)

An instant work created by the audience
What is a dance performance? How it is structured, how it is narrated, how easily the code of the composition is communicated, how a work is understood by the public in general and what the audience expects to see on stage when they choose to see a dance performance. What would be the result if the audience could handle the tools of the composition process? Would it be like a random game that a child plays or perhaps through a specific guidance, can it ultimately lead to an artistic result? How much responsibility can the viewer take for the satisfaction of his "taste", when you generously give him the choice for change?

The illusion of free will, the scale of responsibility and the boundaries between freedom and impunity. A work that is determined by the decisions that the audience wants and decides to make, ringing the bell of individual responsibility, principles and personal boundaries.

Capturing in practice the ephemeral of art, the fleeting. Introducing to the audience the very essence of creation, the subjectivity, the need for expression in the present, of the decisions that define the individual in every present moment. The audience ultimately contributes to an entity as a whole, the choreographer. The dancers are transformed into instruments and the music captures the flow of momentum that accompanies the existence and either follows it or opposes it, the result in the end, concerns only the gaze of the observer. 

Idea-Creator: Zafeiria Tsirakaki
Choreographer Assistant: Barbara Bardaka
Performers: Marina Sasli, Sofia Pouchtou, Orestis Alexiadis,
Christos Sta Maria, Nikolas Chatzivasileiadis
Compere: John Kour

Sound design / live performance with electronics: Vasilis Georgakopoulos  
Trailer-Teasers: Yorgos Sintosis 
Photo - Poster edit: Orestis Alexiadis

Athens: Kallirrois Theater 19-20 September 2021 /// Tripoli: Malliaropouleio Municipality Theater 27 November 2021 ///
Sitia / Crete
: Cultural Space Polikentro 04-05 December 2021

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